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How To Have Fast Internet Pt. 3 (WiFi vs. Ethernet)

Part 3 of our How To Have Fast Internet focuses on the difference between WiFi and Ethernet and how they affect your internet speed and connectivity,   Wi-Fi versus Ethernet As a final tip, checkout the Wifi Spotcheck tool by HubbleIQ to see how well your WiFi connection works. Run the tool in different areas in your […]

How To Have Fast Internet Pt. 2

Photo by Jonathan on Unsplash This second part of our How To Have Fast Internet series focuses on the hardware involved in fast internet. Computers and Routers Having good equipment is the next crucial piece in a fast internet connection. This is because, for the average non-technical internet user, “slow internet” may not really have to do […]

How To Have Fast Internet Pt. 1

Having fast internet involves more than just buying the best internet package offered by your internet service provider. Sometimes, after buying the best package possible, it can feel like you’re still not getting the fast internet  that you hoped for. This is because many factors can go into having fast internet speeds. Having fast internet […]

Online Learning Tech Checklist

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash Online learning is popular and increasing. Whether you are in grade school,  college, or taking online professional education courses, these online learning tips will help you have the best experience possible. Set up your workspace in a place that has the best internet connection possible. Use the HubbleIQ Wifi […]

Up and Running With Online Gaming

Online gaming is popular and a lot of fun, but it requires a good internet connection. Buying an internet service package with a lot of bandwidth is not the only factor in a good experience.   Here are some setup tips for online gamers.   Have the most up-to-date firmware on your router and turn […]


Have you ever been checking and responding to emails or watching reruns of The Office on Netflix and suddenly get a message on your screen saying “no internet connection”? This is the frustration of having an internet connection that cuts out unexpectedly.   Here are a few tips to figure out why this is happening […]

Latency Lag Delay

What is Latency There is nothing worse than having your work slowed down by a computer that just seems to disregard your commands. When you click on a tab in your web browser and it takes longer than expected to switch over to it or when you type a sentence in Google Docs but the […]

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