Computing Tips

Password Tips

Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash When it comes to passwords, most of us go for something short, simple, and memorable. However, those descriptions for choosing a password put you at risk for being hacked. Follow these password management tips in order to keep yourself safe while using the internet. Don’t use the same password […]

Jitter: What is it & How to fix it

Jitter is the uniformity, or lack thereof, in which packets of information arrive to your device from the internet. Also called “stuttering,” jitter is a common measurement for network stability. A jumpy internet connection that performs at inconsistent speeds may be caused by high jitter. When you access the internet from your device, information, referred […]

Why Is My Computer Overheating

overheated computer

Why Do Computers Overheat When computers compute, they are doing a physical task that produces heat energy. Modern computers compute a lot! We use them to be face to face with loved ones who are hundreds of miles away. We conduct business transactions, watch movies, and learn new skills all using our computers. Each of […]

Too Many Tabs

Photo by Krsto Jevtic on Unsplash Should You Care About Browser Tabs? The variety of content on the internet makes it hard for most of us to focus on just one thing at a time. We open tab after tab so that we can come back to interesting articles or an Amazon shopping cart without […]

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