Chromebook Help

How To Use Split View On Chromebooks

The Chromebook operating system offers specific tools for multitasking. To conveniently display two application screens at on-time follow these steps: Swipe down from the top of the screen to show the overview of all your current application windows. Touch and drag a window that you want to multi-task to either side of the screen. Tap […]

How to Handle Chrome Browser Errors

Sometimes your Chrome browser runs into an error when you’re surfing the internet and you get an “Aw, Snap!” page. Check out the descriptions below to find out what went wrong with your internet request. ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED means the website address that you are trying to visit doesn’t exist. If you get this error, double-check that […]

Troubleshooting your Chromebook Keyboard

Photo by Florian Krumm on Unsplash Technology can behave unexpectedly from time to time interrupting your workflow. If you are having issues with your Chromebook Keyboard, follow these troubleshooting steps. Turn your Chromebook off and then back on to see if it resolves issues with a non-responsive keyboard. Try using the keyboard in “browse as […]

Using an Additional Display with Chromebook

Photo by Teer XC on Unsplash Follow these simple steps to connect your Chromebook to an external monitor. Look on the sides of your Chromebook for the display input and output ports. Attach your display cable (usually HDMI) to your Chromebook. Find the corresponding display port on your external monitor (usually on the back or […]

Considerations When Selecting A Chromebook

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash Consider What “Chromebook” Means Buying a Chromebook is not as simple as finding a laptop with a Google Chrome logo on it. They are actually developed by a number of different computer manufacturers. It is better to think of a Chromebook as a laptop computer that utilize the Google […]

How to Mirror Your Chromebook Screen

Follow these simple steps to mirror your Chromebook screen to an external attached monitor. Click the time on the bottom right of your Chromebook screen. Select the settings menu Go to the Device section and select displays Choose Mirror Built-in Display (The option only appears if your monitor is connected to an external display.

Crashing and Freezing Chromebooks

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash Any computerized system can have issues with crashing and freezing. If your Chromebook is having this issue, try out the following troubleshooting options. Try turning your Chromebook off for a few minutes and then turning it back on. Close your apps and browser windows Manage your computer’s memory by […]

Sound Troubleshooting on Chromebooks

Photo by Niclas Illg on Unsplash If you are having audio issues with your Chromebook follow these troubleshooting steps to get it resolved. Make sure that your Chromebook isn’t muted. Check the audio input and output options on your Chromebook. (Try out different options to see if the issue is a particular source). Unplug speakers, […]

How to Fix Spotty Bluetooth on Your Chromebook

Photo by Theme Photos on Unsplash If your Bluetooth connection frequently cuts out, try these troubleshooting tips to help resolve the issue. Make sure that the device you are connected to is compatible with your Chromebook and sufficiently charged. Turn off the Bluetooth on your Chromebook and the device that you wish to connect and […]

Bluetooth Troubleshooting on Chromebooks

Photo by Ihor Dvoretskyi on Unsplash If you are having issues with your Chromebook’s bluetooth connectivity, here are a few troubleshooting tips to resolve them. Double check that your bluetooth device is charged and is compatible to connect to your Chromebook. Confirm that you have the correct Bluetooth PIN and that it has been correctly […]

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